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Sugaring is our passion and we ensure that only satisfied customers walk out the door after each service. Through extensive, ongoing education and training, our estheticians stay up to date on the latest techniques and regimens to bring you the most pleasant experience. Driven by our founder Rupa's passion for natural alternatives to beauty, we use the ancient Egyptian method of hair removal called sugaring in which hair is removed by using organic sugar wax (similar to waxing but with some important differences!). Soft or hard sugar paste is used depending on the area of the body. Our skincare products used for treatment in the salon and sold to customers are all natural & hand picked to be the best and affordable.

You are welcome to visit us and to join us in our journey of discovering and implementing natural alternatives to staying beautiful. Get sugaring Boston!

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We understand your concern for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, and make it our top priority to ensure your well-being and comfort. Our staff is trained in safety and hygiene best-practices, ensuring a sterile environment for your visit. Additionally, every staff member is equipped in full PPE. For any questions related to COVID-19, please contact us here

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